Jill Green
Senior Property Manager

Jill joined Martin Commercial Properties as a Real Estate Manager in 2016. Prior to her role at Martin, Jill managed over 40 commercial office buildings as well as several condominium associations as Lead Property Manager with a Lansing area firm. Now with over thirteen years of property management experience, she handles a portfolio of over 763,000 square feet of commercial retail and of office space for Martin.

Jill is responsible for driving bottom line performance for each client property she handles, including overseeing leasing, management, maintenance, vendor services, and financial forecasting and analysis. She handles client and tenant relations as well as tenant improvement and capital improvement projects. Jill’s attention to detail ensures accurate reporting and cost containment as well as accountability from service providers. As an exceptional problem solver, Jill efficiently identifies building and property issues while coordinating prompt and effective issue resolution.

Professional Profile
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